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Diane Lawton Pierett

Ministries Assistant,
Ladies Ministry Coordinator

Diane has attended OGC since 2013 and started as an employee in 2019 as Ministries Assistant of Oak Grove Church. During her work hours Diane loves to help others succeed in their personal gifting's and calling's as well as pray for people daily through phone conversation or meeting during office hours. Diane also enjoys our monthly women's Bible study as they openly discuss the Word of God, share life together and see God moving in the lives of other ladies. She says, "This builds our faith in the God that never fails and encourages us to continue to look to Him as our primary source for everything we have need of".

Outside of the office some of the many things Diane enjoys doing include: playing the piano and worshiping in music, reading, cycling, writing poetry and soon to author her first book, working out, walking, watching a good movie, eating out, being with church family, swimming and cruising whenever she gets the chance.
Diane is a single lover of Jesus that loves children and pets. While she may not have children or pets of her own, Diane takes it upon herself to spoil the children and pets of others.

"My favorite thing to do is pray with people and watch others experience God's love washing over them!"
- Diane Lawton Pierett

Matthew 22:37
Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

" Because as my love for Him grows, everything else works out for the best, He is honored and glorified."

850-227-1837 Ext. 205

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