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That You May Know (Sunday, October 25, 2020) Steve Brightwell

“Behold, the ark of the covenant of the Lord of all the earth is crossing over before you into the Jordan.”  Joshua 3:11

The covenant promise of God for our deliverance from all that opposes life is completely fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  

For Israel to enter into the land promised to the descendants of Abraham, they had to “behold”.  They first heard the word, then were commanded to watch and follow the arc at a distance into unknown territory.  They had to forsake all reliance upon themselves and all they knew, trusting God’s promise, watching the arc go ahead of them into the overflowing Jordan River.  To believe God was to defy death and “behold” God’s victory over death.  They watched, they saw, they followed and every last one of them crossed over into the Promise.

In order to instill faith in His chosen ones, He first spoke, declaring exactly what He would do.  All so that they would know Him, His love, His power, His faithfulness to them.  

God has gone to very great lengths so that by faith we may know Him.  To know the one true God of all the earth and His Son, Jesus Christ whom He sent — that is the promised land of eternal life with Him.

May the Lord’s living word so transform us that we leave behind all unbelief and continue to follow Him into the uncharted territory of promise!

Steve Brightwell Mark 4 Ministries P.O. Box 995 Port St. Joe, FL 32457

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Oct 26, 2020

Beautiful Word yesterday at OGC - God went and goes to great length so that we may know Him. Best way to know God, let's read and meditate on His word, and get to know His thoughts.

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